About Us: Maybe you are considering contacting me for counseling, coaching or training and you want to know more about me before you do. Absolutely the right thing to do and I’ll be very happy to talk with you when you call – without any commitment.

You may have landed here out of plain curiosity of course!

Please note: my practice in the US is now closed

About me – personally

My name is Tom Daniels, I am based in America.

Professionally – I’m a “dating & relationships coach with further training in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Many years ago I trained in NLP and Covert Hypnosis with some of Milton Erickson, Richard Bandler and Paul McKennas top students.

My services:

Online course and books on dating, couple/relationship counseling.

I have integrated NLP in everything that I do. In fact some of the knowledge and skills were rekindled when I wrote my books and pass this wisdom on to my clients.

I’ve been a dating & relationships coach for nearly 10 years.

But, most of my guidance I provide comes straight from “real world” experience. Along the way I’ve had the privilege to learn things most men and women will never know and it was passed on to me in good faith by some of the greatest minds in dating & relationships.

I invite you to give my advice an “applied” try, but by no means am I a substitute for certified therapist.

Thank you.

For further information contact me at my email tomghbg1[at]gmail.com replace the [at] with @